Welcome to JCR Software

We are a small family app developer who love our pets. We try to make our apps easy to use and understand so that you can accurately and easily keep track of your pets’ health. We understand the importance of being able to know and track the various health parameters of your pets.

Marine Box - Track your reef aquarium parameters and livestock.

Aqua Box - Track your fresh water aquarium parameters.

Pet Portal - Track every aspect of your pet.


Privacy Statement: Your data across all of our apps are on your device and on your iCloud. We do not collect your data in anyway. We do not sell your data. We do not track anything you do in anyway. Your data is private to you and also to who you choose to share through your iCloud sharing that is built onto every one of our Apps.

Contact: If you have any issues with the app or have general questions or have a wish list you would like to have for any of our apps please email us @ our support email by clicking here


About us

We love our pets and am committed to taking care of them! Our apps are designed to help you better manage your pets. We use our apps every day. Let us know if there is any features or improvements you would like to see. We will try to get to all of your questions, problems as soon as we are able to. We are also looking to expand our apps into new platforms such as the new Apple Vision Pro.