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The perfect companion for your reef aquarium. Manage your aquarium with precision and modern design. 

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* We have a new cloud syncing system that is very reliable and will prevent data loss that some of our users have experienced.


* If the app is crashing please  try the steps here


* There are literally millions of configurations of iPhones and iPads out there and it is impossible to test them all. Please email us at: if you are having issues. Let us know your device and iOS version as well as what you were doing. If you turn on app analytics it will automatically send the data anonymously to us. This helps us to know where the problems are in the app and come up with updates to fix them.


We are updating Marine Box frequently to ensure that you have the best possible experience and we usually have bug fix updates in less than 1 week. If we don’t know about what problems people are having we cannot fix them. Please contact us as you are not only helping yourself but you are also helping others that may be having issues like you.


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