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For Beginners

* Book section

* Marine Aquarium recipes

Are you new to the Marine Aquarium hobby? Have you ever wanted to start a Marine Aquarium but was too intimidated by it? Discover all the basics in keeping and maintaining a marine aquarium. There are aquarium recipes to help you set up your mechanical, chemical and biological filtration system the right way. Start your own underwater coral garden! Try Marine Box today!


For Beginners to Advanced Aquarists

* Organize your tank

- Easily keep track of all of your Marine Aquariums, their parameters, livestock and equipment all in one place with an easy to use interface.

- Snapshot section to keep track of Aquarium/Livestock changes visually with pictures and notes. 

- Lab Timer on Apple watch.

- Dashboard section with Graphs for each parameter to quickly look at how your parameters are changing.

- Expenses section to keep track of Expenses! Now you can add expenses directly into the expenses section!

- Timeline section! Keep track of your aquarium maintenance/feeding.

- Metric (cm, L), UK units, and U.S. units (Inches, gallons)

- Central Database for people with multiple reef aquariums who use the same equipment, same livestock, same food, etc.

-Schedule your water changes, water tests, etc. with notifications on your iPhone and Apple Watch.


*Facebook and Twitter

- Share photos from your aquarium to Facebook and Twitter!

- Let your friends know how your aquarium is doing!

- Photos can be posted from Snapshot section, Marine Life section, Equipment section, and Food/supplement section.

- like us on Facebook. Look for us at JCR Software.


* Apple Watch

*Timer and Calculator sections on watch app.

* See the timeline of your aquarium on your watch


* Apex Fusion

Do you have an Neptune Systems Apex System Controller? Access the Apex Fusion website directly in the app and control your pumps, lighting, chillers, vortec pumps and more. This service is free but you need a compatible Apex controller connected to the Internet for this feature to work. Copyright © 2012 Neptune Systems LLC - All Rights Reserved


* Calculators

There are various calculators to help you calculate calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium supplementation and more. You can choose metric or U.S. units.


There is no in app purchases and all updates are free! You get full functionality with no added price!

Many more updates and features to come. 


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