Aqua Box

The perfect manager for your freshwater or brackish water aquarium. Manage your aquarium with precision and modern design. 

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For Beginners to Advanced Aquarists

* Organize your tank

- Easily keep track of all of your Freshwater/brackish water Aquariums/Ponds, their parameters, livestock, plants and equipment all in one place with an easy to use interface.

- Snapshot section to keep track of Aquarium/Livestock/Plant changes visually with pictures and notes. 

- Dashboard section with Graphs for each parameter to quickly look at how your parameters are changing.

- Expenses section to keep track of Expenses! Now you can add expenses directly into the expenses section!

- Timeline section! Keep track of your aquarium maintenance/feeding.

- Metric (cm, L), UK units, and U.S. units (Inches, gallons)

- Central Database to store all of your frequently used equipment, Livestock, and plants!

- Add reminders that will notify you on your iPhone, Apple Watch!

*Facebook and Twitter

- Share photos from your aquarium to Facebook and Twitter!

- Let your friends know how your aquarium is doing!

- Photos can be posted from Snapshot section, Plants, Livestock, Equipment section, and Food/supplement section.


There is no in app purchases and all updates are free! You get full functionality with no added price!

Many more updates and features to come. 


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